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The Brands that make Large Size Ladies Shoes

Andres Machado - our pocket friendly Spanish brand offering man-made shoes always up to a generous 11 and sometimes even size 12.   Lots of pretty flats and heeled ankle boots for the winter season.  Good fast fashion fixes.

Gabor - one of our best selling ranges!  Gabor give you great quality products, comfort and style all at a great price!  You'd be amazed how many styles they actually do and increasingly up to a 9 1/2 and each season a few more in 10's and 11's.  This winter Gabor have some lovely long boots in suede and leather and we're stocking boots in small, medium and large calf sizes.  There are also some great chunky biker look ankle boots which are sure to be very popular this winter.

Hogl - A long established Austrian quality footwear brand combining a feel for current trends with maximum wearing comfort. Great quality leathers and patents, average width and good sizing's retailing at very reasonable prices for the quality of product.  Their size 10 is actually boxed a 45 (which would normally be an 11) and their 9 1/2 a 44 (normally a 10) so worth bearing this in mind.  We continue with their great high court Holly, in patent and suede plus we've added a couple of special finishes for that special night out.

J B Martin - Long established French brand with a chain of shops throughout France. French chic at its best.  Some beautiful sparkly flatties for this Winter, chic block courts and lovely ankle boots.

Bella B was Aerobics, moccassins for anytime of year made in Portugal and very popular with our customers because they are so comfortable

Remonte Dorndorf - Part of the Reiker group,Remonte has proved a very popular addition to our collection over the past 2 years.  Good quality, stylish and comfortable and very reasonably priced.  Lots of boots, ankle, mid length and full length and all up to a size 45/11

Zoo - new spanish factory we've recently started with.  Good quality leathers and suedes in a variety of more on trend styles.  We've got a great dessert boot coming in, mid height court, and some lovely slipper flats.